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Testamento biologico e 'fine vita'
29th January 2009: in Great Britain children taken from grandparents to permit gay couples to adopt them!

Thursday, 29th January 2009
In Great Britain grandparents (they are about 50 years old) have lost the custody of their grandchildren, that have been adopted by a gay couple, because judges have holden them too old. That’s incredible! By now, this is a society that denies the evidence that the best environment to grow children is [...]

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Obama presents the bill

Author: Benedetta Cortese
Obama presents the bill! The Americans are still in Iraq and Afghanistan, Guantanamo will stay open for another year, the decisions dealing with the economic crisis are in the pipeline, but the decision relative to life was made immediately. Already late at night on January 21 the White House website reiterated the [...]

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